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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 4, 2013 1:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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i'm jon scott. thanks for watching. we'll see you again next week. week. >> gregg: hello, i'll gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america news headquarters. >> heather: after three and a half long years, victims of the fort hood massacre, nidal hassan goes to trial. we'll have a preview and all 13 of those lost in the gunfire. >> gregg: plus who are other the boardwalk, police arrest a man witnesses say may have inever intentionally plowed his car into a crowd of
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people killing one person. >> and major league baseball fans awaited the punishment of ser star alex rodriguez that could get a lifelong ban for steroid use. what it means for many other players that could face similar fates. >> gregg: we begin with late breaking developments about an extraordinary travel alert for americans in the closing of two dozens bases across central asia. sources telling fox news the terrorist chatter that the u.s. intelligence has been picking up in the last couple weeks, goes way beyond anything heard in the last decade. quote, this is not a dress rehearsal like some previous threat warnings. the closure stretches across a wide arc including some of the most turbulent areas of the world.
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many countries are beefing up security with additional troops and military checkpoints hoping to deter any possible attack on our diplomatic posts, symbols of america in many foreign lands. steve centanni has been following this. what else are sources telling fox news about this possible attack? >> reporter: they are saying the plan calls for something big, something spectacular. and involves top level al-qaeda leaders. in response they closed 22 embassies in the middle east and north africa today. a travel alert has been issued for americans overseas and lawmakers are in the loop, too. >> we've received information that high level people from al-qaeda and the arabian peninsula are talking about a major attack. these are people at high levels. whatever that is, we act upon it because our first priority is to protect the americans in other parts of the world. >> reporter: the exact
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attacks are not known. >> gregg: what are the president's critics saying about his handling of the threat so far? >> he is being applauded so far for his pro-active warning and for shutting down those embassies overseas. one administration critic says al-qaeda was emboldened by the tragic outcome in benghazi making the current precautions all the more appropriate. >> they are taking the right approach to this. benghazi was a complete failure. the report go was real and we dropped the ball. we learned from benghazi and the administration is doing this right. >> republican congressman peter king saying precautions taken so far are absolutely warranted. >> gregg: steve, live in washington, thanks. so the obama administration is keeping americans informed on the potential terror threat, but is it disclosing too much information? that is what some in the intelligence community are saying.
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we're going to talk about their concerns a bit later on in the newscast. >> harris: another day of deadly violence in iraq. bomb and mortar attacks leaving eight people dead. weekend assaults including a roadside bomb that killed three soldiers. a kar bomb that killed a judge in tikrit and mortar attack on a suburban neighborhood in baghdad. the recent surge in violence in iraq coupled with escalating political tensions sparking fears of a return to widespread killings. >> gregg: and to egypt now. time is running out for a peaceful end to the standoff over protests by supporters of the ousted president mohammed morsi. interim leaders warning that security forces will break up ongoing sit-ins if f mediators don't come up with a resolution and soon. setting the stage with tens of thousands of morsi supporters that remain camped
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out in cairo. they are demanding that the former leader be reinstated. >> harris:. >> heather: also a changing of the guard as iran swears in the newly elect president. taking the oath of office. many are calling him a moderate. how that image will be put to the test as he deals with world powers over iran's nuclear program. conor powell is live in jerusalem with more. >> reporter: heather, the new president was elected about a month or so ago. he had the support of iran's middle-class. he is viewed in and out of iran as a reform esh. the chief nuclear negotiator has vowed to jumpstart the struggling economy and end the isolation. iran's economy has suffered greatly from international sanctions and is in place
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because of their nuclear ambitions. he has limited power and control over the future of iran. real authority, of course, is ayatollah. they make all nuclear and security decisions. so rouhani is seen as negotiator, someone that can bridge the gap between iran and the rest of the world. he wants to change the tone from tehran if not the overall policy. he is unlikely to convince the religious leaders to end the nuclear program. still, the white house says they will work with rouhani if he engages in serious changes, but whether they will do that is real big question. there is some moderate home that rouhani may be the guy that can bring down the level of hostility between iran and the rest of the world. >> heather: conner, thank you. >> after years of delays, court-martial of the accused fort hood shooter set to get
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underway this week. major nidal hassan is charged with killing 13 people and wounding 30 others in a terror filled rampage back in 2009. brian is live in the new york city newsroom. >> after four and a half years the military trial for nidal hassan will start tuesday. he is facing the death penalty. he is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder. former army psychiatrist does not deny that he fired on hundreds of soldiers are awaiting health checkups on november 5th, 2009 killing 13 and wounding more than 30 in fort hood, texas. dozens of witnesses say hassan is the shooter. death penalty cases are rare. in fact no active duty soldier has been executed since 1961. a jury of 13 army officers will have to unanimously
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convicted him but even then, 11 of the last death sentences handed down by military juries in the last 30 years have been overturned. hassan will be developing himself. he said he committed the mass shooting in defense of taliban terrorists but they characterize as workplace violence. as a result victims of the rampage can not be awarded federal benefits nor can victims receive combatant status. one was shot six times at fort hood. >> i think the act of the government is trying to downplay this all along. hassan has openly admitting makes me angry and makes me guess dusted. >> even if he is convicted, there are likely years if not decades of appeals ahead. >> gregg: thanks very much. we do want to take a moment to remember the 13 men and
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women who lost their lives that terrible day at fort hood. we actually officiallyers first heard two days, saturday november 7th, 2009. fort hood spokesperson read a role call of the victims during a very solemn news conference. let's listen and remember. >> these men and women were more than great americans, they were sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. mothers and fathers. they were brave members of our army family. soldiers and civilians. on behalf of the grateful nation we salute them for patriotism and their memories. the 13 gave their lives and service to the nation were lieutenant colonel juanita
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norman. captain john gafney of san diego, california. captain russell seger, 41 of racine, wisconsin. chief warrant officer, retired, michael kayu, texas. staff sergeant justin de crow, 32, of plymouth, indiana. sergeant amy kruger, 29 from wisconsin. jason hunt, 22, from oklahoma. specialist frederick green, 29 of mountain city, tennessee. specialist somtom of st. paul,
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minnesota. eric mika of west jordan, utah. michael pearson, 22 from illinois. private franchesko valez of chicago, illinois. these heroes are so much more than simply names. i'd ask that we all take a moment to remember them all. >> thank you. >> gregg: there was john rossi reading the names of the 13 victims of the fort
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hood shooting massacre. >> heather: now to an extreme weather alert. an ice tunnel collapsed on oregon's mount hood turning deadly. rescue crews uncovered the body of ten feet of snow. he was standing near the cave when it crashed down. they used chainsaws to chip away tons of ice and snow. listen to them describe the scene. >> one person that was trapped was 30 or 40 feet ahead of the rest of the group when the ice gave way. >> we had deep parts and planning on jumping over there. >> it was described as a school bus sized to ambulance sized chunk of debris that came down. >> heather: janice dean is in fox weather center. >> they are in a warming trend across the northwest.
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july is typically the warmest month so you are going to have melting in those mountainous regions. taking a look at the temperatures. 86 in boise and 77 in spokane, washington. across the country, we actually have a cooling trend over the midwest and the great lakes, but look at the warmth over the southern plains. in this case we are dealing with extreme heat and dangerous heat at that, 99 in dallas. 97 in shreveport. factor in what it feels like with humidity, 101 in dallas. a lot of hundreds, feels like 107 in houston, 102 in brownsville. people are urged to stay indoors, make sure you are hydrated. if you have to make it outside, make it for a short period of time. dallas should be in the hundred degree ranges all week long. average is 97 so for the next five to six days. just a quick look at satellite radar, we do have
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the possibility of flooding over the central u.s. also, severe weather for the northern plains and the rockies as we get into the afternoon hours. we do see hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes, as well. >> heather: thank you, janice. >> gregg: a border stated governor now pleading with congress to make border security the number one priority. our political panel in what she is proposing in likelihood to be taken seriously. >> more than three tons of supplies and equipment headed for the international space station. more incredible video of the historic mission. >> gregg: from a successful liftoff to a failure to launch. many more young adults choosing to stay in the nest with mom and dad. startling new trend any len yals are setting. how mu protein
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>> heather: welcome back. a moderate earthquake rattles canada. the quake striking early this morning near vancouver island. no injuries or damage report. a driver killed in a fiery crash in texas. the truck ran off an overpass and slammed into the highway below and burst into flames. no word yet on what caused the crash. no winners in last night's powerball drawing. the jackpot is whopping $400 million, still below the record of $595 million. next drawing is set for wednesday night. >> gregg: i'm alleges interested in money. let's talk about parents losing money because of their adult kids. a surprising look at american home life, a recent study shows record number of young adults are still living at
1:20 pm
home. a pew poll found in 2012 a whopping 36% of millennials will remain with mom and rather than going out their own, housing and jobs and so forth. what does it mean for the parents and economy? patricia powell is ceo of powell financial group. good to see you. an aarp study found it is higher, 40%. >> they use different numbers. >> gregg: but more than half are not paying any rented. what is going on? >> well, babyboomers are overindulging our kids. we are not looking at what it means to them but also to us. this is major shift. the numbers of kids come home were stable for 40 years. in 1968 through 2007, and since 2007 when the economy peaked and lots of people were blaming the bad economy,
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but it is more than that. obamacare that keeping the kids on the parents insurance all the way to the time of 22. >> gregg: they are calling it boomerang generation. i also read it's worse among young men than young women? >> 36%, 40% of our sons are coming home and staying, and only 32% of our daughters. our daughters like the independence of college more than our sons did. >> gregg: i have daughters thankfully. >> i do, too. i am exactly in this position 23-year-old who is home. >> gregg: my parents like many others, we give you the tools, 18, get a job, but get out of here. we love you still but you have to be on your own. >> that doesn't seem to be happening. they are being welcomed with open arms. they are getting free room, free board, maid service, bills being paid for, entertainment money being provided. the parents are often hurting
1:22 pm
themselves. this can cost the parent from $89-20,000 a year. -- $8,000 to $20,000 a year. it can mean tremendous changes in lifestyle. >> gregg: let's give parents some tips here who may need them. one of them is make the students pay. >> yeah. i think you have to decide what you want. if you want your child to go out and live their own life, you have to boost them from the nest a little bit. you have to shut down the bank of mom and dad. those banks stay open way, way too long. >> spending it out on burgers are going out with $50 and with their friends. bank of mom and dad closes when the kid comes home from college. if you want beer money, you get a job. you can help your children to
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pay for the suspicious interview clothes. t-shirt isn't going to work on job interview. you might pay for gags if they are driving to the first interview. you may load it up for the first job interview, but not for the fun stuff. once they get a job, you need to sit down and tell them what you expect. they are adult now, behave like an adult. there is a limit how long they are going to be home and expected to contribute to the overall family expenses as well as pay some rent. >> before you cosign on an auto loan.... >> not before. not ever do you cosign on loan for your child. never, not once. [ laughter ] >> gregg: okay. patricia, thanks very much. >> heather: wait a minute, never? really never. >> really never. >> heather: and they are about to learn the future of his baseball career for
1:24 pm
a-rod. will he suspended or face a lifetime ban that made him a household name? our legal panel weighs in next. >> and who are beach. a person is killed after a driver was determined to hit as many people as possible. dominic is live at the boardwalk. ♪ >> the famed boardwalk turns into a scene of terror by a motorist on a rampage. i'll have details after this. ♪ hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome.
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♪ >> heather: fox news alert. we are just getting word that the state department will extend the closure of several u.s. embassies until august 10th is through the end of the ramadan holiday. they are saying, quote, this is not an indication of a new
1:29 pm
threat stream, merely an indication to exercise caution and to take appropriate steps to protect our employees including local employees and visitors to our facilities. we will bring you more on this story as it develops. >> gregg: chaos along one of the most popular beaches in california, a driver suddenly turning his car into nenice beach boardwalk, killing one person, an italian woman. injuring 11 others. this afternoon police arresting the suspect. dominic is following it live. how are witnesses describing the scene there? >> from what they industry, it was horrific. it's a normally peaceful and festive kind of place. it turned into a scene of terror. they saw the driver going by
1:30 pm
the vehicle until he jumped in it and careened down the boardwalk behind me killing that woman from it li. actually naming that individual and that lady. she was 32 years old on holiday with newlywed husband. one witness described it as he saw a woman as the car went down it. we have footage of it. the woman in that footage is the italian tourist who was killed. if you look at the footage, it's extraordinary. you can see people are spread eagle across the hood of car into the cafe. this is how they describe it. take a listen. >> i see this car driving through like there is a girl latched on to the hood of car. he is swerving. he knocks the girl off of the
1:31 pm
car. then he is just running into the crowds of hundreds of people and going out of his way to hit people. >> reporter: they are holding a vigil for the italian woman as well as a fund-raiser to help pay for some of the people that were hit and may not have health insurance. >> gregg: is anything known about the suspect that was arrested? >> well his name is being released by police. his name is nathan campbell. he is 38 years old. they haven't said where he is from. apparently going through the crowd here go he abandoned his car and turned himself into a police station. they are holding him on million dollar bail. the formal charges will be presented to him. police have no idea what his
1:32 pm
motive was. it means -- they have promised more but as to why he did it, it's a mystery. >> gregg: dominic, thank you. >> heather: arizona governor lashing out at the obama administration referring to parts of her state's border with mexico as, quote, a nightmare. also calling on congress to pass a stand alone board security bill. saying this, border security absolutely has to come first. that has to be done first because i don't think the general public is going to support anything that is done until the border is secured. let's bring in ford connell and out reach director for john mccain and former advisor for hillary clinton
1:33 pm
for 2008. thank you both for joining us. here is where we stand at this moment. decision to pass comprehensive i am griggs reform been in the hands of the republican controlled house since the democratic led senate passed a bill in june. now, the senate bill includes billions of dollars for national border security. new workplace requirements, revamped immigration system and a path of citizenship for the estimated 11 illegal immigrants living here. they have rejected the senate bill, instead with single issued bills starting with border security. so i'll begin with you ford. is the stand alone a possible reality? >> i think its possible reality because essentially we can't do any type of immigration whether comprehensive or piecemeal or
1:34 pm
whatever until we have clear verifiable means. michael fisher says illegal immigration is up 13%. administration says no it isn't. dhs says they don't tell us how many succeed in border crossing. if we don't get a border security in place, one in three americans is going to be hispanic. the reality is on us right now. we have to find a way to secure this border. that should be the basis of everything we do going forward. if we can do that maybe we should have a pathway to citizenship. in the we get to the point and clear verifiable message, there is no point. >> heather: the majority of americans seem to support securing the border. 69% agree in requiring border security before changing immigration policies. so, should border security be
1:35 pm
a separate issue from immigration reform? >> i would suggest that governor brewer talk to her two senators, john mccain and jeff who were instrumental in developing the senate bill having a pathway to citizenship and border security. she might talk to rupert murdoch, from fox news parent company, who has been outspoken that the proposition the house should take up comprehensive immigration reform that includes both border security and pathway to citizenship among other features simultaneously. the reason is this. the notion of going a border security first is a red herring, it's a red herring because the bar raised so high you could never clear. it's a red herring because.... >> i have to interrupt to you that point. the point is we don't have clear metrics what our immigration problem is.
1:36 pm
who is crossing the border. on would one hand yuma sector is getting better but big bend in texas is getting worse. >> one second. we know a couple of things for a fact. number of deportations are record highs. more at the current rates by the end of 2014 then we saw in the whole history of the country. >> it doesn't mean you are letting other others go, i'm sorry. >> heather: wait, you are both yelling over each other. this really shocked me. according to a government accountability office, homeland security department, they lost track of more than 1 million people who arrived in the u.s. and can't prove left the country. the department won't meet the own goals for employing an entry-exit system. so the government track
1:37 pm
arrivals but they don't track depart urs, a goal set back in 1996 immigration law. how can we pass immigration bill if we still don't have a workable system to track entries and exits? >> nobody disagrees with you on that. i bet you won't find a person on this network that disagrees with the proposition that people are coming here legally and who the government loses track of should somehow be forced to go back when their visas expire. there is no disagreement. i think the number is some 40% of the people that currently here illegally came with legal visas. i agree with you. we need better metrics or better tracking mechanism, something that makes their vi saturn red and explode. >> that is different issue. >> i don't think that is different issue. that is the exact same issue. we're talking about legal people and legal people, it's
1:38 pm
easier to come here illegally. i will bash republican leaders. eric sidestepped the question with chris wallace. whether the point is legally are illegal legal we cannot say the border apprehension is "y" or "z". jan brabout this. that is basically the board of governors from texas to california including jerry brown.... >> heather: thank you both for joining us. we'll see the house picks up in the fall. >> thank you. >> gregg: obama administration putting safety first, choosing 22 u.s. embassies over an al-qaeda terrorist threat but some say it could fully hurt us in the long run. >> and embattled yankees star alex rodriguez lifetime ban
1:39 pm
from baseball with doping punishment. which way are they learning and can he appeal? >> lifetime ban. >> you think a lifetime ban. >> everybody else got it. he was doing steroids. >> i think he should at least get a suspension, i don't know about for life. they banned pete rose for gambling, right? play close. good and close. help keep teeth clean and breath fresh with beneful healthy smile food. with special crunchy kibbles and great taste...'s a happy way to a healthy smile. new beneful healthy smile food and snacks it's hard to describe, because you have a numbness,
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>>. >> gregg: major league baseball appears to be moving forward with a big suspension for embattled yankees star alex rodriguez. the league and the yankees turned down requests to meet with his representatives this weekend regarding a looming doping penalty. third baseman now facing a year and a half suspension or a lifetime ban. let's bring our legal panel. bob massi and kirsten wilson.
1:44 pm
bob, the commissioner is intent on keeping rodriguez off the field forever, he has the unfettered discretion to do it, doesn't he? >> yes. you have two different angles. one is drug testing agreement the players sign and other one is collective bargaining agreement. what we have researched they may sanction him under both. now, if they sanction him under both under the collective bargaining agreement, then automaticly he cannot play. then it goes to an arbiter ultimately the question is going to be are they going to ban him under both. that is what we'll have to wait to see because we don't know what they have. >> gregg: if it goes to an arbiter, selig has the ability to remove the arbiter and make a decision himself and invoke a lifetime ban to the integrity of the game. isn't that right? >> that is absolutely right.
1:45 pm
if he going under the collective bargaining agreement, it can go to an arbiter in this case and potentially say that the punishment was too harsh but he doesn't have the ability to overturn it. selig gets the ultimate say. >> gregg: it would appear they have a lot of evidence that he tried to cover up his drug use, intimidating witnesses. if that is true, would that extreme behavior merit extreme punishment by selig, a lifetime ban? >> you know, gregg, this has been a long road coming for a long time. because of the integrity of the game, when you look at it, if it mounts up he interfered with the investigation, there is any type of relationship with a company down in florida, if in fact he bought people off -- this is guy who is representative for so many people, children, kids.
1:46 pm
the bottom line is the fact -- and made a ton of money. >> gregg: pete rose got a lifetime ban? >> honestly, pete rose spends a lot of time in las vegas. i know him personally. when you hear about some of these allegations, we have to wait until tomorrow, we don't know. he may have to pay a pretty big price. >> selig has made it his mission to clean up the game. you know, the allegations of what has been done but essentially a-rod's the way he handled this entire negotiation process and ego. >> gregg: he has done everything to alienate selig and lots of players. they have abandoned their support of rodriguez because he is so disgraced and things were so egregious, i'm not sure the players' union is going to back him. what do you think? >> everything you read, it
1:47 pm
looks like the union is backing off. if the evidence is what we think it is going to be, i think they have to. at some point it's got to stop. the other thing, two quick things. number one, i wonder if he was with another team with a smaller franchise, would it be as extensive, probably not. i'm wondering if he has any right -- i don't do employment law but maybe you know, if he could jump into federal court for injuctive relief. >> gregg: i don't think it will work in front of a federal judge, back has the only legal monopoly granted an exemption by the supreme court for anti-trust. maybe congress could but they can't decide to take a bathroom break. it's not going to happen. good to see you both. >> heather: the old saying, silence is golden.
1:48 pm
some worry that the obama administration is disclosing too much information about the al-qaeda terror threat. we'll tell you why and the danger that it poses up next. with the spark cash card from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contract, ease? thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns 2% cash back on every pchase every day. great businesses deserve unlimited rewards.
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>> heather: the state department will extend the
1:52 pm
closing of several united states embassies until august 10 an extra precaution the united states is taking through to the end of the ramadan holiday. this with intelligence forces saying chatter is the most specific and credible in years. the closures of 22 embassy and consulates across north africa, the middle east and central asia. a former deputy assistant for the vice president to national security affairs joins us. >> guest: good to be with you. >> heather: senator chambliss speaking today on "meet the press." >> there is a lost chatter out there which means conversation among terrorists about the planning that is going on reminiscent of what we saw pre-9/11. >> heather: reminiscent of 9/11, scary words for any american to hear and sources
1:53 pm
tell fox news that the terrorist chatter picked up in the past two weeks exceeds anything witnessed in the last decade. i found an op-ed piece you wrote in 2010 calling it 9/11 changed everything, bin laden's death does not. following bin laden's death we heard consistently that al-qaeda is on the run. is this an indication to you that, in fact, it is not. >> guest: unfortunately, al-qaeda that has been talked of as dead or near dead, leadership decimated is alive and well. the messages that are being sent out are talking about something big having a major strategic impact and reasonable people would have no doubt that is what they have in mind. when we look at american retreat across this area and islamists on the rise it should come as no
1:54 pm
surprise the threat level is up. >> heather: some intelligence officials are dismayed that the obama administration provided so much detail on what prompted the embassy and consulate closings and the disclose uses could work against us in obtaining new information. do you think that will be the case? what there any other choice? >> guest: there are always risks when you are chief executive and president and faced with intelligence that is specific enough to justify alarm but not specific enough to be able to pree or have a narrow target you have to brief members of congress and give certain warnings. there are pressures on politicians to give warnings just in case something was manifest but each time you tell members of congress, the press, and the public, any information about a potential threat you also signaling things in an information age to enemies and they could maybe not have a real threat at this specific time but they are lending if they give a
1:55 pm
certain threat in a certain way we will shut down diplomatic operations across the embassies in the region. >> heather: and ail listen eighting the sources providing that information? >> guest: that is a significant risk that has been talked about a great deal in the wake of the raid of osama bin laden and the doctor was burned as a source and his life was put in jeopardy. limits numbers of people could know what internal al-qaeda deliberations are so talk from the sours is risky. >> heather: the month of august usually active for terrorist organizations.
1:56 pm
15 years ago this week, twin bombings in kenya, tans -- tanzania claimed lives. next month marks the benghazi attack in libya that killed the ambassador and four americans. is this a reaction to benghazi? >> guest: they are linked. they are clearly a sense in the wider world we have switched from offense to defense in the war on terror. islamists since in this area that they have opportunity. while we haveack our commitment in the broader middle east the threat has not gone down. it wasn't a problem with the former president. it wasn't a problem with our president but had to do with the nature of the ideology and the armaments spreading in the area. >> heather: thank you for joining us. >> gregg: republicans waging a big family nude pitting chris
1:57 pm
christie against rand paul. our political needers are here and will weigh in on the g.o.p. spat coming up. ♪ how mu protein does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learmore at
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>> fox news alert breaking developments as our government monitoring the threat of an al-qaeda terror attack the state department now saying that it will extend the closings of several embassies through the end of the week.
2:01 pm
welcome to a brand new hour "inside america's news headquarters." >> heather: thank you for joining us. the administration is saying that extension is an extra precaution through the end of the ramadan holiday as we learn more about chatter that intelligence has picked up in two weeks. sources say, it goes beyond anything heard in the last decade. also, that "this is not a dress rehearsal" like previous threat warnings and stretches across a ride area including the most turbulent areas on earth. many of the countries beefing up security with additional troops and military checkpoints hoping to fend off any possible attack. national correspondent is with us in washington, dc. steve, what more are we hearing about the planned attack? >> the method and location are unclear but the timing was very specific which is why the embassies were shut down today,
2:02 pm
22 embassies in the middle east and north africa were closed and we learned from the state department tonight that some of the closings are being extended. the state department issued an alert for americans traveling overseas. it is all the result of intelligence information be shared with key lawmakers. >> there has been a lost chatter out there. that means conversation among terrorists about planning going on reminiscent of what we saw pre-9/11. i can tell you, david, this is the most serious threat i've seen in the last several years. >> the state department alert said the attack could possibly occur in or emanate from the arabian peninsula. >> heather: what do lawmakers think of the president's handling of the threat? >>reporter: democrats and republicans say the president is taking the appropriate action. some republicans say al qaeda has been emboldened by the outcome of the attack in benghazi making a swift reaction
2:03 pm
to this threat all the more necessary. >> this has to be done. we cannot criticize them for doing too little at benghazi and now saying they are doing too much. i am giving them credit. >> the president is getting regular updates and the national security team is meeting. >> heather: thank you, steve, from washington, dc. greg fallout surrounding n.s.a. leaker edward snowden and questions of his status answered when russia granted him temporary asylum but now new concerns are being raised that members of congress are being denied access to important information on n.s.a. programs. peter doocy is reporting from washington. >> if it wasn't for edward snowden most members of congress would have no idea how the n.s.a. operates. that is according to a republican who now is calling the n.s.a. leaker a whistleblower.
2:04 pm
>> without his doing what he did, members of congress what now have known about it and there are allegations this information was given to congress. congress passed the patriot act and they passed the amendments act but members were not aware on the whole what the programs were used for. >> the joint chiefs chairman could not disagree more and the general said it would not surprise him if china and russia have already downloaded all the secrets on his computers. >> he is not doing this to make a statement or stir debate but caused considerable damage to our intelligence architecture. our adversaries are changing the way they communicate. >> in the wake of the russian decision to grant edward snowden temporary asylum, republicans and democrats are now calling on president obama to back out of a planned meeting this month with russian president putin. >> for the president to meet with putin in a one-on-one
2:05 pm
meeting would give him respect he doesn't deserve. >> this is a stab in the back, a slap in the face and i agree with senator schumer that has to come with consequences. >> the firm that cleared edward snowden in a background check now is being investigated by a grand jury according to the "wall street journal" reports, and the company does more background security checks for the u.s. government than anyone else. >> gregg: peter doocy from washington, dc, thank you. >> on fox news sunday, more on the n.s.a. and the snowed were story joining chris wallace, general michael hayden and congressman, next hour, on fox news sunday at 6:00 p.m. eastern >> after years of delay the court-martial for the man accused of gun down 13 people and wounding more than 30 others at a military base in texas will get underway this week. we are live in our new york city newsroom with more. >>reporter: the military trial
2:06 pm
for major nidal hasan will start on tuesday. he is facing the death penalty. he is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditate murder and will defend himself. that means he can be questioning victims of his own crime. the former army psychiatrist admits he opened fire on hundreds of soldiers before their deployment to afghanistan on develop 5, 2009, killing 13 and wounding more than 30. he said that he committed the mash shooting in defense of taliban terrorists. the obama administration characterized this as workplace violent not an act of terrorism stripping victims of valuable benefits, staff sergeant was shot six timed at ft. hood. >> we have been fighting to have the actions considered an act of terrorism so those who were killed and wounded can be recognized as someone who was killed and wounded in combat.
2:07 pm
>> the victims say they cannot be awarded purple hearts and the federal benefits that come with them or receive benefits given to those who are killed or wounded in combat. the case against nidal hasan will be complicated, even if convicted there are likely years if not decades of appeals ahead. death penalty cases in the military justice system are rare, in fact, no active duty soldier has been executed since 1961. a jury of 13 army officers will have to unanimously convict him but 11 of the last 16 death sentences handed down by military juries in the last 30 years have been overturned. >> heather: thank you from new york city. >> gregg: new information on the search for answers of the terror attacks of the consulate in benghazi in 2012. we have now learned about some new steps the obama administration is taking to keep a lid on what happened during
2:08 pm
the fateful night. more from washington, dc. >> veterans of the intelligence community tell fox news that they never have witnessed the kind of sensitivity to press leaks that top officials at c.i.a. are exhibiting on the subject of benghazi. one c.i.a. source describes it as "a nuclear blanket." >> why are the heroes told not to talk? what is the administration afraid of? what is it protecting? >>reporter: there are reports of area administering polygraph tests to the survivors and a spokesman dismissed this but fox has learned of five c.i.a. personnel on the ground on the night of 9/11 who are forced to sign non-disclosure agreements although all five had signed the documents with the clear fading they were being discoupled from sharing recollections with the news media. >> that is not consistent with the law and it leads to a general belief that you should not talk to congress. that happens to be obstruction. it is illegal under the
2:09 pm
statutes. >>reporter: officials disputed the spy agency has intimidated lawmakers. the c.i.a. enabled all officers offed so the opportunity to meet with congress said an agency spokesman adding that "we are not aware of any c.i.a. employees who experienced retaliation including nonroutine security procedures or who has been prevented from sharing a concern with congress about the benghazi incident." at the without, continuing discussion of benghazi is dismissed as "partisan attempt to gin up phony scandals." what the attacks of benghazi and the talking points or revelations about conduct at the i.r.s. that attempts to turn this into a scandal have failed. >>reporter: one survivor of benghazi has aids the story to congress fox learned. a c.i.a. operator on the grounds
2:10 pm
that night met privately with staff members of the house of representatives intelligentsia in december and with the lawmakerers in may and transcripts were prepared. in washington, dc, james rosen, for fox news. >> heather: extreme weather causing flooding in eastern kansas washing out roads and bridges and leading to evacuations of hundreds. look at heavy rain falling for days prompting the flood warnings to be issued until tuesday. listen to these people describing the damage to a park. >> last time i was here it was 10' lower than now. it is phenomenal how much higher it is now. >> meteorologist janice dean is in the weather center with more on this and that is a lot of rain, janice. >> and they will see more rain as we get through the new work
2:11 pm
week. take, a look at the region northwest of the wichita area you can see all of the rain, falling in a short period of time, up to 5" or 7", extreme amounts south of wichita where they see a foot of rain falling in a matter of hours and flood advisories are posted and 5" to 7" or an additional 1" or 2". flood warnings will be posted physical tuesday when the water should start to recede but you can see the forecast rainfall into tuesday spreading into kansas and missouri toward arkansas. we will certainly monitor that region and look for the threat of severe weather across the high plains, the northern rockies where we could see hail, damaging wind and isolated tornadoes. the tropics in the pacific, our latest tropical storm is 45 miles per hour sustained wind and the track has been updated and we expect it to become a
2:12 pm
hurricane in the next day or so and watching the track as it continues to move very close to hawaii. we are going to track that. remember we were talking about tropical storm flossie a couple days ago and this could make a bee line for hawaii, as well. back to you, heather. >> heather: thank you, janice. >> gregg: is the former first lady, hillary clinton, eyeing another run if the oval office? our political insiders weigh in on the power lunch. >> the explosive whitey bulger trial and what we can expect this week. >> new car sales are booming, find out what is driving them. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast.
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>> gregg: crews finding the body of a missing snowboarder on mt. hood using chain saws and other tools to chip away at an ice tunnel where the 25-year-old disappeared yesterday afternoon. >> closing arguments set underway tomorrow in the racketeering trial of james whitey bull bulldogs -- bulger accused of two dozen murders. >> san diego's mayor begins do weeks of intensive therapy to cure his compulsive sexual behavior following the allegations last month that he had groped and forcibly kissed women for years. >> heather: now, let's talk something else. the if you car business is in high gear this summer with sales for the big three automakers are jumping and foreign car companies are also showing very
2:18 pm
impressive gains putting new car and truck sales in the united states back to their pre-recession level. but, this has some analysts scratching their head and asking, why in we will bring in founder and c.e.o. of the powell financial group. thank you for joining us. americans, we love our cars. >> we do. it is in our d.n.a. it gives us the freedom. we drive it out of the show room and we are free to do anything we want. we love our cars. >> heather: that cannot be the only reason. it would seem more americans are buying cars. in july, to the tune of almost 16 million. >> also, in june we had we 15.9 million so we have two months back-to-back impressive pace going on and a couple of reasons. a lot of pent up demand. people were not buying cars in
2:19 pm
2009 and 2010 and 2011 and in 2009 we were under 9 million. the average car on the road is over 11 years old, at an all-time high. cars only last so long. you get worried, will i make it to work? is it reliable? is my kid safe in the car? you have this pent up demand. for those who have access to credit, interest rates are low. the average rate on a four year car loan is 2.64 percent. very impressive interest rate. >> heather: you mention this is a recovery story. you say that it is not a growth story. what is the difference? why is it not a growth story? >> we are just getting back to where we were. we are not going to suddenly be driving three or four cars each. we will not grow our car usage. we are trying to get back where to we were, if for the car companies and the suppliers and their employees and the towns where the plants happen to be
2:20 pm
and the shareholders but it does not drive the economy. >> heather: we cannot mention being good for the communities that is the plants that depend on carmakers, detroit. what does it mean to detroit? >> this is tough, tough, tough for detroit. the manufacturing jobs in detroit have disappeared. back in the 50's 300,000 manufacturing jobs. last year, 27,000 jobs. those jobs have dispersed all over the united states and some are replaced by computers. the jobs are not coming back. detroit used to have a population of 1.85 million people. now they barely hit 700,000. this is a city that has been in decline for 60 years. tough times. >> heather: will the trend continue in 2014? for car sals, in general. >> guest: car sales can remain a
2:21 pm
recovery story because of pent up demand and the very old cars on the road. i don't thing we will suddenly see 25 million cars being sold. >> heather: not good news know detroit. 300,000 manufacturing jobs and down to 27,000. we appreciate you joining us. do you remember your first car in mine was a 64corvair. >> gregg: i had a mercury colony park used. it was wasn't a model t. >> the fight for the soul of the republican party with new jersey governor chris christie and kentucky senator rand paul duking it out. who wins the civil war? our political insideers looking at battle lines. >> heather: a driver plows into pedestrians on a california
2:22 pm
boardwalk just ahead. >> we heard people screaming and yelling and there were hundreds of people diving out of the way of the car. >> he was intentionally doing it, he was just intentionally doing it doing 40 miles per hour. ♪ don't tell mom.
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2:27 pm
negotiators says that israel will release the first of four groups of blip prisoners next week. israel has agreed to release some 104 veteran prisoners as part of the first major peace of the in years. a cargo ship with a small robot and tons of supplies is headed to the international space station launching from japan yesterday and will reach the international space station on friday. at home, a 38-year-old man has been arrested and charged for plowing his car into a group of pedestrians in california. all this happened on the van necessary beach boardwalk. police say that the horror ended with the deaths of one person. a 32-year-old woman in town celebrating her honeymoon. dominic is in van necessary beach with more. dominic, how are witnesses describing the scene? >>reporter: witnesses are
2:28 pm
saying that less than 24 hours ago, van necessary beach looked like it does now, crowds enjoy the sunshine and live music and suddenly, a blue dodge pulled out behind me and started accelerating at high speed straight down the sea front for about four blocks colliding with the crowd, injuring about 12, one fatally, and that is where the fatality is named, an italian tourist, 32 years old. she was celebrating her honeymoon. completely devastated the community. we have video of the moment he turned on to the boardwalk and you can see in that footage the top of the screen how the car has a woman laying across the hood of the vehicle and he actually goes down the boardwalk quite terrifying footage and after that, the woman comes off the hood of the car and he
2:29 pm
continues, one after another, going through pedestrian after pedestrian. the italian woman ended up in a pool of her own blood face down according to witnesses. here is how a person described the scene they saw at time. take a listen. >> i see this car driving through like there was a girl latched on the hood of the car and he is swerving and he knocked the gill off the car and he is, like, running into crowds of hundreds of people and going out of his way to hit people. >> the woman on the hood of the car is not necessarily the woman who was actually killed. i wanted to make that clear. the cafe had security footage of the woman. they will hold a vigil for her tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. to show the extent of the shock in the community. >> heather: shocking and terrible footage. what are police saying about the
2:30 pm
suspect? >>reporter: well, they are saying that the suspect would fled the scene turned up a few hours later in santa monica and turned himself over to police and is 38-year-old nathan campbell. the police were saying earlier they are treating this as murder and considering they have footage of him hanging out by the car before he gets in and goes down the boardwalk, they think there are further charges to come. >> right now they is booked him on murder charge, the further charges of come when they consult with the district attorney's office and, also, the filing of the murder charge. >> any indication why he did it? >> no. no indication, at all, of the motive. show on $1 million bond. >> heather: thank you, dominic , reporting live for us. >> gregg: president obama seems to be hitting the "repeat"
2:31 pm
button on the line of phony scandals in the weekly radio address yesterday. he, again, said that the republicans are drumming up all the state controversies to avert attention from the economy. >> too often the past two years, washington has take were its eye off the ball. they have allowed a parade of political posturing and phony scandals to distract from growing our economy and strengthening the middle class. >> gregg: he said that 10,000 times the last two weeks. we will bring in john leboutillier, and pat caddell former pollster for president carter and doug schoen was a former pollster for bill clinton and joining us from our los angeles bureau. doug, intelligence chief clapper apoll jesuses for lying about the n.s.a. program, and the i.r.s. lies about the program, admits wrongdoing, and
2:32 pm
apologizes and lies and gets caught. benghazi is a mess but these are phony? >> well, this is classic distraction. we have an economy that is having slow economic growth, tepid growth in and of itself and the labor market participation is relatively low. so the obama administration has gotten a modest case to make on the economy. the scandals are very serious. we will talk about them today in great detail particularly pat caddell. bottom line, we have dysfunction in washington. the only asset the president has is republican disarray, totally divided on the budget and the president is basically doing a divide and conquer strategy to take modest credit for modest gain but to blame the republicans, try to demonize them and above all else turn away from the so-called phony
2:33 pm
scandal. >> gregg: i play a clipthe whity jake carney because it appears to be a constant theme in the white house, scandals. what scandals? >>guest: we see as more facts known whether it is about the attacks in benghazi or revelations of conduct at the i.r.s., attempts to turn this into a scandal have failed. >> other than him being the most disingenuous person to stand on the podium we face a crisis in american democracy of proportions none of us have seen in terms of the wide-spread scandals and government abuse and the real problem is for the first time in american history you have the party in power, the party out of power in the news
2:34 pm
media, all co-conspirators, accessories or accomplices or awol purposely and, therefore, no one in the country is telling the american people the danger of what is happening and that washington, and this is a washington elite scandal, that the enemy of the american people, their enemy is you, the american people, and that is the real story. >> what upsets me the most, i expect the worst out of this administration, i expect the worst as a conservative out of any administration and it is the other party that needs to check and balance the party in the white house. the republicans have dropped the ball. what pat said is a thousand percent correct, they are complicity in covering up benghazi, speaker boehner refuses to name a select committee who a majority of republicans in the house of representatives have written him. frank wolf from virginia has
2:35 pm
told the speaker boehner if you will not name a select committee, you are complicity in the coverup. what we now suspect is, speaker boehner will not do it and maybe he used that as leverage on the president to get this ridiculous "fix" of obamacare so that we are paying for the health care of capitol hill staffers and congressman. it is a pay off if keeping quiet on benghazi. >> gregg: let me pick up on that. doug, the president said there is no need to follow the law here. he is handing out delays and exemptions, 2,000-plus waves to his supporters and unions. is that a measure do you think, doug, of executive arrogance? >> it is creeping government authoritarianism. when the presidential says, as he has said repeatedly, if i
2:36 pm
don't like what congress is doing i will do it myself, he basically is eviscerating the traditional checks and balances that have been the hallmark of our system. you are pointing to an example of a law that is unpopular where the president is basically making law as he goes along and it is outrageous behavior and as i said, the only thing that really is working to his advantage is the republican opposition now is in such disarray they are having a civil war offer the budget, they cannot get together, they are fighting with one another over immigration, the budget, foreign policy, bottom line, that is the president's only ally but this is an administration that is increasingly making its own law, ruling on its own basis, and acting against the american people. >> gregg: is there legislative arrogant? congress has the temerity to grant itself an exemption from
2:37 pm
obamacare costs and members are hit with premium shock. >> they do this every day. we need to understand the other part of the legislative crisis, benghazi, you mention a scandal of benghazi, start with that, where we have speaker boehner who has been purposefully suppressing anything on benghazi because he knew what we found out this week, and he approved it, the sale of the c.i.a. teams on the ground which were sending weapons from libya through turk turk to syrian rebels without congressional approval and what we have, we find out, and, by the way, remember, no one has been arrested in this, and we have a president who suppressed the truth and the administration and we have john brennan who last the white house and went to the c.i.a. what is the c.i.a. doing? they are polygraphing every member of the people on the ground there and keeping them from telling the congress the truth and the congress will not act. >> why won't the congress want to get at truth of this thing?
2:38 pm
we used to say four people were dead: the ambassador and three others. we now learn this week this remain other people injured, 36 c.i.a. personnel evacuated right away and fox learned some are being told to clam up by the administration. or else. and having to sign non-disclosure agreements. >> the republic has a right to know. i don't want to sound like we need a million committees but we need two: the benghazi select committee and another on the abuse of executive power going to the i.r.s. we now, pat can trace it, right into the white house council office in 2010, the white house council at the time, married to one of the obama insiders, and they are having meetings with the head of the i.r.s. in the white house. the president. in the roosevelt room. >> and other people.
2:39 pm
but the council comes in and he is the person in 2008 this week we found out, who went to the fec and a harsh memo was released, guess who was on the staff? lois lane learner to help pursue obama's enemies. it goes directly to the white house and members of the white house staff. >> gregg: someone is fired up. >> are you exercised, pat? >> yes. >> why aren't republicans ticked off? >> it is about the country. >> gregg: let me squeeze in about the i.r.s. with doug schoen. the president promised, doug, to get to the bottom of this thing, and, yet, now we are lending that the i.r.s. is accused of stonewalling and redacting documents that congress is
2:40 pm
requesting and people are clamming up taking the 5th. is that a legitimate serious scandal although the president says it is phony? >> of course it is serious. it began with the administration denying it was a scandal and there was outrage and then low-level employees and this week we saw issa told, i prioritize what documents i give you. we are doing it at our own pace and our own way and we will get to them. it is outrageous. >> gregg: what is outrageous is that pat needs to try decaf e. >> stick around, we will talk about hillary clinton and what is going on with her. we will be right back. with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business
2:41 pm
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>> heather: the state department saying it will extend the closure of several embassies and consulates across the muslim world until at least august 10, the end of ramadan. a global travel alert for all united states citizens remains in effect. no sign of reconciliation between time warner and cbs after they stopped carrying the network these days ago over retransmission fees. and now the most decorated swimmer in the world, 18-year-old and got her six the gold medal today in barcelona. >> gregg: a cable for two sparking a lot of political intrigue, former secretary of state hillary clinton joining president obama at the white house for a nice lunch outdoors.
2:46 pm
stint that pretty? this was last monday. was the main course her possible 2016 presidential run? we will bring in john leboutillier, pat caddell and doug schoen if los angeles. is this, dow, a passing of the torch? >> just say, when a popular president, at least inside his own party, lunches with or goes on tv with, or speaks about a former member of his administration, politics is at its core. so, the answer is, of course it is. that being said, if you are the clintons and obama, given the good feeling that now exists and the rivalry from the prior campaign, if you are hillary clinton you want to keep the president as close as you can and every minute they are together is one less minute the president can be doing anything with his vice president who wants to run, as well. >> gregg: there was her
2:47 pm
famous, some call a rant at congresses she was dismissing finding out about how four americans were murdered by terrorisms on her want. >> the fact is we have four dead members. was it because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night is decided they would kill some americans. what difference at this point does it make in >> gregg: is that her achilles' heel? >> yes, but the republicans led by speaker boehner and crew will not deal with it. you would think they would want to given what obama is doing. when he wanted to go on "60 minutes" he was paying her off for benghazi be the two people passing the baton to her and the two people covering up for each other, one of the greatest crimes in american history and could be her undoing and he needs her to keep her mouth
2:48 pm
shut. >> what kind of democracy is this? if i were a democrat, if i were, to have this guy jam her down my throat as if to say she will be nominee and the next president, to keep the lid on all of the messes. egg >> gregg: it is like charlie rangel who is interviewing people to be his replacement. i thought the votes did that. >> not anymore when i said it was a war against the american people we saw it on the health care thing with speak per and obama getting together to take care of the hill and the staff. this is, really, we need to suppress the voice of the american people. >> gregg: gentleman, we are out time. thank you. you can get more from the mill insiders each mop at 10:30 a.m. eastern. a pretty picture of doug and john and pat. you can also follow them on twitter. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card
2:49 pm
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gregg greg our parents always know what best for issue right? >> heather: you know what is best for your daughters, right? it could come as a surprise according to a new study a majority of senior citizens and you are not one of those yet, they are in the dark when it
2:53 pm
comes to knowing what is best for them and their health. we are joined by a doctor. the majority of the seniors think their health will stay the same the next 5 to 10 years but in reality 65 percent have two chronic health issues. >> guest: that is right. most of them do not know this is going to be a problem. when we enter college people talk about what college life is about and you have orientation and on the airplane they tell us what to do, what to expect but there is no preparation for entering into senior citizenship. this is something we need to talk about. >> gregg: the good news is that there are a number of preventive measures? >> guest: the great news is eating healthy, exerts, staying mentally stimulated, having good social surroundings can reduce the risk of things like diabetes and heart disease that can keep you healthy and living longer
2:54 pm
>> heather: we can assist our parents, seniors, in accomplishing the goals. what can we do? >> guest: for 18 years our parents had the difficult talks about the birds and bees and other things and now it is our turn. we need to talk about staying physically active. is the best weapon to fight off diabetes, the heart disease, and the alzheimer's disease, and it can reduce alzheimer's disease by 50 percent and the heart, if you exercise the heart, it will stay healthy and keeps inches off the waste. >> gregg: what about a good night's leap which a lot of older americans have trouble with. it is associated with stress management. >> guest: poor sleep is associated with getting elderly and you do not need so much sleep, but that is abnormal. this is such a prevalence people think it is normal not to get enough sleep.
2:55 pm
getting a go night sleep can fend off dementia and keep your memory intact. >> heather: when you talk about going to a nursing home that is up to $70,000 a year. >> guest: medicare does not cover it so families have to push in or it drains savings so that leave as big problem. if you can prevent it, it will reap the benefits. >> gregg: mental stimulation? we see older americans clock out and they are not doing so many things, they have to stay active. >> guest: doubling your reading list and getting out the chess board, these are little things that can help you and reduce the risk of difficult -- dementia. many times, we do not know what to do or we could fear there is
2:56 pm
something we cannot do and that is not correct. we need to be proactive. there are things we know, there are things we can do and we can live longer lives. >> gregg: thank you, doctor. that will do it for us. we will check in on pat caddell and making sure he is getting the right cup of coffee. "fox news sunday with chris wallace" is coming up next. ♪ even superheroes need superheroes, and some superheroes need complete and balanced meals with 23 vitamins and minerals. purina dog chow. help keep him strong. dog chow strong.
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we remain proud and fearless. >> i'm chris wallace. the u.s. government closes up shop across the muslim world. responding to intelligence of an al-qaeda threat, the state department shuts embassies and consulates in the mideast and north africa and issues an extraordinary worldwide travel alert to americans. plus new questions about relations with russia after moscow grants asylum to edward snowden. >> rush has stabbed us in the back, and each day that snowden is allowed to roam free is another twist for the night. >> now the white house is rethinking whether the president should meet with russian president


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